9.3 Million CRCF upgrade for Home for the Elderly now underway

The Home for the Elderly is set to begin its construction and upgrade of facilities beginning September 23.

The said upgrades under the CRCF 2020 funded projects aim to improve the center and the existing structures of the residential facilities and to provide high quality standard programs and services to its elder clients.

The Home for the Elderly is a residential facility in the region that provides temporary shelter and care to dependent, needy and abandoned Filipino Senior Citizens. Eligible for admission in the center are senior citizens 60 years and above who are abandoned, neglected, homeless and unattached and with no contagious disease.

The 9.3 Million worth of upgrading projects includes the following: Upgrading of Administrative Building (Php 4,441,004.24); Upgrading of Resident Quarter Phase II (Php 2,600,518.71); Upgrading of Electrical System (Php 1,781,498.35) and Upgrading of Water System (Php 576,565.92).  

Earlier last year, the said center also underwent some major rehabilitation through upgrading of the different residential quarters, Mess hall, Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall and Aqua Therapy Pool.

These improvements have significantly provided relief, ease and comfort for all the clients they serve which contributed to its eventual recovery and rehabilitation while inside the center.

The DSWD Field IX is operating seven (7) centers and residential care facilities in the region. 5 of which are located in Zamboanga City while the 2 others are located in Zamboanga Del Norte, respectively.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has been providing residential care services to disadvantaged and vulnerable sectors and training and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities through the establishment of its centers and residential care facilities since the early 1950s.

DSWD remains committed to protect the welfare and best interest of these clients amidst the threat and impact brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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DSWD responds to Armed Conflict affected families in RT Lim

ZAMBOANGA CITY – The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office IX thru their Disaster Response Management Division (DRMD) has extended relief assistance to the affected families due to armed conflict that transpired at RT Lim, Zamboanga Sibugay Province last September 9.

As per report from MSWDO of RT Lim, there were 329 families or 1, 560 individuals affected by the said conflict. The families were comprised of residents from barangays: Ali-Alsree, Pres. Roxas, and Caluba of RT Lim, respectively. As of September 12, 2020, the DSWD FO IX has distributed 340 hygiene kits and 340 mosquito nets. An additional 200 plastic mats were also provided as augmentation while they are staying inside the evacuation centers.

The Quick Response Team (QRT) through the Social Welfare and Development Team (SWADT) in Zamboanga Sibugay was immediately activated. They proceeded to the evacuation center to assess the situation of the evacuees and to provide psychosocial intervention to the minor victims of the armed conflict. Food assistance were also provided by the LGU to the displaced families.

The DSWD FO IX will continue to extend relief assistance to disaster incidents amid the COVID-19 pandemic within region.

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DSWD extends assistance to Jolo twin bombing victims

ZAMBOANGA CITY – The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office IX deployed members of their Quick Response Team to Jolo, Sulu last Friday, August 28, 2020 to extend financial and relief assistance to the victims of the recent twin bombing incident.

The team were escorted by members of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and Philippine National Police (PNP) to provide security for the conduct of the activity. As per assessment by the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) thru its Health Emergency Management Staff, there were 89 recorded casualties: 14 deaths, 49 admitted in hospitals and 26 out-patient comprised of innocent civilians and military troops, respectively.

As of September 01, 2020, the DSWD FO IX thru its Disaster Response Management Division (DRMD) along with key staff from DSWD BARMM and Ministry of Social Services and Development (MSSD) of Jolo facilitated the distribution of 57 family food packs (FFPs) and 57 hygiene kits to the victims amounting to P127, 899.45. Also in attendance was DSWD Assistant Secretary Jade Jamolod who led the distribution of cash assistance to the said victims under the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) Funds of the DSWD: 9 families received P10, 000.00 each for burial assistance while 48 families received P5, 000.00 each for medical assistance, all amounting to P330,000.00 cash assistance.

Meanwhile, the Jolo Municipal Government enforced temporary lockdown for the City of Jolo. Concerned authorities are continuously assessing the recent bombing incident. Citizens were advised to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities in their community to authorities as bomb threats continuously circulate within the province.

Being the lead of the response pillar of the government, the DSWD will continuously extend its assistance to disaster incident victims amidst the COVID 19 pandemic. ###

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4th batch Sabah returnees arrived in Zambo

ZAMBOANGA CITY- A total of 379 returning Filipinos from Sabah arrived in Zamboanga City Port on August 28,2020 via MV Antonia 1.

The said REFs were comprised of the following:- Other Provinces/Cities : 13- Zamboanga del Norte: 2- Zamboanga del Sur: 6- Zamboanga Sibugay: 9- Zamboanga City: 29- For further assessment: 1- Basilan: 36- Sulu: 28- Tawi-Tawi: 255

DSWD Field Office IX facilitated the clients of nearby provinces in their respective transportation while others will temporarily stay at Processing Center for Displaced Persons (PCDP) in Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City while preparing for their respective flights and trips.

Meanwhile, all REFs from Basulta areas were already turned over to MSSD-BARMM to facilitate their immediate transfer to their respective vessels and Quarantine facilities.

This is the 4th batch of arrival of REFs since July 1 as part of the efforts of the government through the inter-agency task force to send home all Returning Filipinos from Sabah.

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DSWD, NCIP distributes hygiene kits for IP in Brgy. Kasanyangan

ZAMBOANGA CITY – The Department of Social Welfare and Development – Field Office IX in partnership with National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) distributed hygiene kits for indigenous cultural community (ICC) /indigenouss people (IP) of Barangay Kasanyangan today August 27, 2020.

The said kits were requested by NCIP to extend assistance to ICC/IPA, exclusively to the badjao community affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

A total of 851 qualifed beneficiaries who are non- Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) beneficiaries were comprised of badjaos from – Asinan, Balevista, Bamboo House, Dump Site, Dustone Drive, Kasalamatan, Loop, Lulua Subdivision, Paniran, Padios Village, SM Subdivisionand Tungko Hanapi Drive – Barangay Kasanyangan.In attendance were DSWD personnel and representatives from NCIP along with key staff from barangay Kasanyangan and selected Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) from the community. Representatives from the city council and city government were also present during the conduct of the activity which was held inside the Barangay Hall.

Engr. George Jocutan, Officer-in-Charge of NCIP, Zamboanga City Office commended the efforts of DSWD in extending relief assistance in the form of hygiene kits. He added, “The assistance from the DSWD is only exclusive for the badjao’s because of most of them have no livelihood to begin with. I only hope that the beneficiaries won’t resort in exchanging the hygiene kits for money. They must be grateful to receive this and use the contents of the kits to prevent the transmission of COVID 19 within their household and community. It is very crucial they protect themselves at this moment as the number of COVID 19 positive cases in the city never cease to declined“.

The DSWD FO-IX thru its Disaster Response Management Division continues is relief assistance despite the imposed lockdown of the regional office. Yesterday, the first batch hygiene kits were distributed in Basilan Province. Other batch of hygiene kits are scheduled for distribution to other areas in Region IX in the succeeding days.

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Home for the Elderly marks 31st year anniversary

The Home for the Elderly celebrated its 31st year anniversary on August 15, 2020 as a residential facility for the aged operated through the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

The said facility was established in 1989 that provides temporary shelter and care to dependent, needy and abandoned Filipino Senior Citizens. Eligible for admission in the center are senior citizens 60 years and above who are abandoned, neglected, homeless and unattached and with no contagious disease.

A short program was held inside the center to commemorate the said anniversary in the presence of Assistant Secretary Joseline Niwane, OIC Regional Director Fatima Caminan and other regional center heads and staff.

In her inspirational message, Assistant Secretary expressed her warm felicitations for the existence of the center, “Itong bahay na ito ay ginawa para sa inyo, kaya po masaya tayong lahat at meron tayong isang gobyerno at mga taong may malasakit para ito ay maitayo.” (This center was made for you and we are grateful that there is a government and its people who give compassionate service in order for this to put up)

She also lauded and recognized the center personnel who were instrumental for taking care of these clients and for providing them the needed support in order for them to adapt and recover easily.

“Ang pagmamahal, aruga, kalinga na hinahanap nyo ay naibibigay ng mga staff, sila po ay nakagawa ng magandang gawain” (The love, care and affection that you have been looking for were being given by the staff, they have indeed performed their duties well)

The program also recognized clients who have shared their contribution inside the facility including staff who have delivered commendable contribution in the center’s operation.

Since February, the center continuously observed its strict health protocols and has temporarily suspended the acceptance of center visits to ensure safety and welfare of the vulnerable clients against the threat of COVID-19.

Mrs. Georgina Suico, the center head during her opening message said “ Though there are fears and uncertainties brought about the virus but we remained strong and optimistic by ensuring there are strict adherence to protocols and safety health standards in placed in the facilities”

At present, the center is serving forty nine (49) clients with ages ranging from 60 years old to 90 years old. Twenty (20) of these clients are males while the Twenty nine (29) others are females.

The center also prepares its residents for the eventual return and union with their families and foster families with the hope that the family dynamics will be strengthened during their late years in life.

From January-August this year, the center has facilitated eleven (11) client’s reunification to their families and relatives through the help of the Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the different Local Government Units.

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400 Returning Filipinos from Sabah arrived in Zambo

The third batch of the Returning Filipinos from Sabah arrived today, August 13, 2020 in Zamboanga City Port via MV Antonia 1.

The said batch was comprised of 400 REFs with the following breakdown profiled by the social workers on-board from DSWD and MSSD:

Other Provinces: 42

Zamboanga Del Norte: 6

Zamboanga Del Sur: 8

Zamboanga Sibugay: 12

Zamboanga City: 25

No Exact Address in the Philippines as they were born and raised in Sabah: 6

Basilan: 20

Sulu: 50

Tawi-Tawi: 231

A total of 784 returning Filipinos were successfully returned to their respective communities after the 1st and 2nd batch arrival last month.

All Zamboanga Peninsula and BARMM clients were immediately transported in their assigned vessels and vehicles, respectively. Meanwhile, all other REFs coming from the different cities and provinces will be temporarily staying at the DSWD Processing Center for Displaced Person (PCDP).

DSWD Assistant Secretary Joseline Niwane welcomed all returning filipinos together with other agencies present during its one stop shop for all REFs. She thanked everyone for the commitment and dedication amidst the challenges of COVID-19. She lauded the efforts of all working groups and the support of all Local Government Units in this endeavor.

DSWD immediately provided all REFs with Hygiene Kits and Family Food packs upon arrival. At present, the agency has already extended a total of 2.8 Million worth of assistance on Food, Transportation, Medical Assistance, Hygiene Kits and Family Food Packs.

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DSWD launches FDS On-Air to 4Ps Beneficiaries in ZamPen

The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office IX has launched its FDS-On Air through its partner community radios in Zamboanga Peninsula on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

The FDS ON AIR is an innovation of DSWD Field Office IX which aims to bring the conduct of Family Development Sessions in the airwaves and have it mainstreamed in regular radio programs. The birth of the initiative in 2016 was considered first in the region and in the department which earned admiration and support from other stakeholders.

The recent pandemic brought by the threats of COVID-19 has affected not only the beneficiaries but also the implementation of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. The said crisis has led the agency to declare “forced majeure” in the conditionalities of the program particularly on the conduct of Family Development Sessions since gathering is highly discouraged during the Enhanced Community Quaratine. In addition, the welfare and safety of beneficiaries and staff were DSWD’s primary concern and adherence to quarantine protocols can contribute to help slow down the transmission of the virus during its period.

While the program is currently adapting to the new normal schemes, It also tries to look for alternative means to continually engage all beneficiaries in the communities. A re-launching of the said initiative was made to provide monthly sessions on air to the beneficiaries through the one-hour airtime provided by the partner community radio stations regionwide.

DSWD has partnered 21 radio stations through the coordination and efforts of the different Provincial Operations Offices of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program which shall monitor and ensure the implementation of the said initiative. It is also being spearheaded by the Regional program management office through the technical assistance of the Social Marketing Unit.

The topics per month are thematic in nature which covers family protection, mitigation and safety against the COVID-19. Through these topics, beneficiaries are encouraged to tune in on the scheduled sessions on radio and submit their insights using their talaarawan or any available paper sheets through their parent leaders or municipal/city links for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

The FDS On-Air in 2016 was awarded as Best Communication Practice during the Communications Review and Evaluation Workshop and was recognized by the International partners during its 4th joint mission visit in Zamboanga City in 2018. ##    

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