Taguilon Seabreeze Rice and Corn Retailing SLP Association is composed of 20 members in Seabreeze, Taguilon, Dapitan City. They are all identified pantawid beneficiaries. Most of their income from fish vending and they have few members are plain housewife to take care of their children while their husband is a fish vendor whose income is minimal and is enough for the family’s daily needs sometimes no income due to weather conditions that affects their day to day living. They admitted that sometimes they borrow large amount of money and credit of rice for that meal so that they could suffice and provide the basic and other educational needs of their children.

By the help of Sustainable Livelihood Program, they were given the privilege to put up their own micro-enterprise through Seed Capital Fund through the help of PDO assigned in the area. The project was implemented last November 18, 2018 with amount granted of P200,000.00 and attended by the City Mayor, Barangay Captain, and PDO’s.

In their one year and six months of operation the enterprise of Rice and Corn Retailing they add enterprise which is the Sari-Sari Store. The business went smoothly and full of stocks. The members also perform their duties and responsibilities through rotation of duties to their store. They have gain profit a total of Php143,253.47 in 1 year and six months operation. From their profit they save 40% in bank as of now they have cash on bank in amount of P38,934.00, Account receivables P141,544.72. It comes from the members and outside of the members are mostly of their customer worker from DAKAK Beach Resort, Dapitan City through “Utang-Bayad System” in every 15th and 30th of their salary.

All members of the Association according to them they can provide now the daily needs of their family from their monthly income received of the Association.    

What is the importance of the livelihood to her? Aside from it is a big help, can earn extra income, serves as additional savings and did not difficult to credit of rice and other daily needs. They said that the livelihood that was given to them significantly helps them on how to handle the enterprise and how to proper records of financial recordings.

The Taguilon Seabreeze Rice and Corn Retailing SLP Association, they value all the efforts and works of the staff especially to the implementing PDO assigned in the area for giving them the opportunity to impart their knowledge and skills and of course as a couple they have exerted efforts for the success of everything they did and because of that they helped their husband of the expenses of their daily needs and not like before only their husband have an income. And for now they have time to bonding their family, bought extra clothes of their childrens and they can give baon to their children.   When they have a time their husband without income they did not to hesitate to credit of rice and viands in the association not like before “balibaran sila mangutang sa tindahan”. For one year and six months of operation of enterprise all members becomes closer each other, they helping each other even though they have a time not understand the situation but in that time they are fixed before they end the meeting. To sustain the program that was given to them, they will keep everything in a right way and will do their best to develop bigger perspective and more abundance that the family are going to receive and hopefully it also possibly reaches their goals to receive bigger income in the future.

Taguilon Seabreeze Rice and Corn Retailing SLP association are very thankful especially to those people who helped them in pursuing this project.

“Pasalamat me og dako sa maong programa, sa enterprise nga ila gihatag kay dako kayo ang natabang namo labi na sa among kinahanglanon adlaw-adlaw og ako manghinaot nga naa pay dugang nga assistance nga ihatag sa SLP para namu nga mga pobre tungod kini among gikuhaan og Dugang panginabuhi para sa among mga anak og pasalamat me og dako tanang nadawat sa programa sa DSWD-SLP nga unta magpadayon ang kakugi sapag amoma sa among project”. SLPA Members