The Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) is a residential facility catering to the less fortunate children who are abandoned, orphaned, abused, maltreated, exploited and neglected. It is being operated by the DSWD Field Office-IX in partnership with the Foundation for the Development of Children, Inc. with support and donations from various NGOs, benevolent individuals, the business sector, the academe, some foreign institutions as well as the City Government of Zamboanga.

RSCC services include:  Provision of social welfare interventions like home visits, individual case study, family assessment, referral for alternative care, play therapy and other psycho-social services. A wholesome home life atmosphere is also provided where basic needs of children are met. DSWD employs Houseparent to provide substitute parental care to these children.

Other services include: Dietary Services , Health and Medical Services , Psychological Services, Spiritual Services, Recreational Activities and Early Childhood Care and Development with an in-house Day Care Worker  being operated by the center to provide pre-school education of the children.