Dili babag ang pandemya sa atuang mga panganduy, kailangan ra nato mag kugi ug mag tinabangay para mulambo

Isnain Zorillo, LAG Beneficiary

A father of two and a responsible and loving husband. Mr. Isnain Diano Zorilla 37, a native of Godod was married to Ms. Rosalie Cuico Saja also a native from Godod, Zamboanga Del Norte. For years of being together the couple was blessed with two children, 5 and 9 years old. They started to paint their love story when the couple decided to settle down in their hometown in Poblacion, Godod. Like any other couple, the Zorilla nuptials started from scratch. Mr. Isnain is known to be a ‘Master Haircutter’ in their Municipality which happens to be in line with his livelihood – being a barber.

After a deep-seated conversation with Mr. Zorilla, he expresses the stark effect of the Pandemic in his Livelihood. His enterprise which is Barber shop is part of the Beauty Industry which is greatly affected and was ordered to have full closure during lockdown. This pushes the family of Mr. Zorilla to penury and uses his hard-saved money to suffice the needs of his family.

In accordance to the Bayanihan Heal As one Act the Department of Social welfare and Development (DSWD), Local Government Units (LGUs) and other Implementing Partners launches the Social Amelioration Program (SAP)- E-AICS which aims to aid in the recovery of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantage families directly affected by the current pandemic situation. Emergency cash subsidy amounting to Five Thousand (5,000.00) pesos were given to the qualified families and Mr. Isnain is one of the recipients. He uses this cash subsidy to purchase the basic necessities of his family but could hardly meet the ends; therefore Mr. Isnain is offering home service for the mean time as his alternative income generating activity.

Months after the Provision of Emergency Cash Subsidy, another SAP related program which is the Livelihood Assistance Grants (LAG) was introduce, this is to augment the capital of the entrepreneurs and business owners for them to start over their businesses. Being a service provider, the family of Mr. Isnain represented by him qualifies to receive such grant. A grant amounting to 15,000.00 pesos were apt to the Zorillo family last October 20, 2020 to re-establish their barber shop. He intelligently utilizes the grant by purchasing such items that would cost him much especially the Hair clippers (Chargeable and UBeator) including set of Clipper blade, Barber cape and Wooden Barber Chair.

After the IATF lifted the lockdown, Mr Isnain immediately commences his business operations. He usually caters 5-6 clients on a regular day and during peak season he can accommodate up to 15 pax at a rate of 50.00 pesos each client. His monthly utility expense ranges from 400-600 pesos. Also, aside from the barber shop, the couple also opted to invest into hair salon managed by his wife, the services offered were; Hair Coloring, hair rebonding and the like. Months after the provision of the grants the family manifested positive change in their socio-economic being and behavior as a whole.