Digital transformation is the approach newly adopted by the DSWD-IX to address issues and grievances filed under its flagship program, the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps). Last November 12, the Department launched its newest grievance mechanism that utilizes the technology and the internet to capture reports and complaints and act on such.

From Right: DSWD-IX Regional Director, Atty. Sittie Raifah M. Pamaloy-Hassan together with 4Ps Information Officer, Yuri Choi, during the Launching of 4Ps TRACKS

The 4Ps TRACKS was launched as an additional mechanism to the already existing Grievance Redress System (GRS) of the 4Ps program. Tanong (questions), Reklamo (complaints), Aksyon (act), Comments, Kasagutan (answers), Sumbong (reports) or simply TRACKS is an acronym that encapsulates the core mandate of the GRS: to provide responses, to validate and act on reports of violation and misbehavior that involves the 4Ps program, its beneficiaries, and its employees.

It aims to elicit participation from the public in ensuring good governance in 4Ps implementation by documenting reports of misdemeanour of 4Ps beneficiaries and staff; and to provide a safer reporting system to the public on grievances pertaining to 4Ps.

DSWD-IX Regional Director, Atty. Sittie Raifah M. Pamaloy-Hassan, during her speech in the launching of 4Ps TRACKS, emphasized the need to gather full information on reports of grievances. This will allow the Department to conduct validation and verify the veracity of the report and provide appropriate actions following the rules and regulations set in the RA 11310 or 4Ps Act.

Layunin ng 4Ps TRACKS na kunin ang detalye ng inyong mga reklamo, katanungan, o sumbong upang magawan ng imbestigasyon. Gamitin natin ang online grievance mechanism na ito at sabay-sabay nating pangalagaan ang kredibilidad ng 4Ps. (4Ps TRACKS aims to get the full details of your grievance reports and act on it. We encourage for people to utilize this tool and let us protect the credibility of the program),” Atty. Hassan said.

Anyone can submit reports such as misbehavior of program beneficiaries to include gambling, misuse of grants, vices, disqualification, among others. DSWD employees and 4Ps implementers can also be reported for abuse of power, extortion, and other issues. The public is also encouraged to report should there be issues against DSWD partner-implementers such as the Department of Education and the Department of Health.

This online mechanism is accessible through the internet by filling out a simplified form as can be seen at The submitted form will directly be sent to the databank of DSWD-IX 4Ps for action. ###