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Instrument of Success

We have heard many stories of success that started from scratch; stories that are popularly known as ‘Rags to Riches’. In most cases, when a successful person finds his fortune, he never forgets to look back and help those that may have suffered in the same situation.

This applies to the Lengatong Family. Despite their success in life, they have never forgotten where they came from and they make sure to help those who are in need in their community.

Back in 2011, Lengatong family became beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps). The couple worked in a farm receiving very little, sometimes not even enough to feed a family of five. For parents, it pained them that they could not afford to provide the desires of the children; more so their needs. They lived in a small house made with light materials, their roof is made of nipa which at daytime seemed like a roof with small spotlight from the holes it acquired through time. But they endured and withstood the situation; worked extra hard to suffice the needs of their family.

The program somehow helped assuage their situation by providing assistance particularly on the education and health of their children. In times of desperate need, they are left with no choice but to seek help from relatives and neighbors who were willing to lend a hand.

Since they have been beneficiaries of the program and have attended Financial Literacy and Management trainings through the Family Development Sessions (FDS), the family started to save up as part of their plan to put up a business which eventually became their ticket to success.

 “Daghan jud ko nakat-onan sa FDS. Diha nako nakat-onan paunsa ang Financial Management poreso nakatigum mi. (I have learned a lot from the FDS. I learned about Financial Management that’s why we were able to save (money),” Jerlie shares.

With the knowledge they gained, the couple ensured that they apply their learning to this brand-new venture. They started with buy and sale where they buy farm yields of their neighbors and sell it at a reasonable price. Eventually, the profit that they earned from it was used to put up a small sari-sari store.  The store then grew from selling regular commercial goodies to selling feeds, rice, corns and other daily necessities as needed in their locality.

Lengatong’s Sari-sari Store Business

Until slowly, they were able to purchase one hectare rice farm, a lot in front of their residential house wherein they established a barn house. They have also acquired a tricycle and later, were able to buy bongo and elf truck that they use for delivery.

From their small nipa hut house, Lengatong family also owns a fully furnished house today. The house is fully concrete with appliances in it.

But this success is not just for them. Because of their business, they are able to help other poor families as well. Lengatong family made sure that they are able to provide employment and livelihood opportunities to their co-Pantawid beneficiaries. Looking back, they remember that once in their life, other families have also helped them and so, they would like to pay forward by helping others who are in need.

Especially in this time of pandemic, despite the effects it brought to many businesses, Lengatong family strive to keep the business afloat and continue its operation. They do this not only for their own benefit as it is their main source of income but more importantly, for the families that depend on it.

They understand that it can be devastating to their business and even more so to the ones who have less in life. They just hope that this pandemic ends soon for them to go back to their regular operations and be able to be instruments of help and success to other families. For now, their business is still operational, though with limit.

Aside from providing opportunities to their neighbors, Lengatong family also has relinquished their membership to the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program thinking that many other families need it more than they do.

Maka-suporta na man gud mi sa amuang mga anak bisan wala ang 4Ps. Daghan pa ang mas nanginahanlan, unta sila na pud ang matabangan. (We can already provide the needs of our children on our own. There are many others who need help, I wish they get the chance this time,)” Jerlie says.

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