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Commitment is the Key

AilenSumaderis a bonafide resident of Barangay Gumahan in the Municipality of Josefina in the Province of Zamboanga del Sur. She was born on May 29, 1975. She is designated to be the Cashier and Store Attendant of Gumahan SLPA. She is married and is a mother of five.  Aileen Sumader is on her last term of being a Brgy. Kagawadwhile her husband is employed as Security Guard.

Ate Ailen may be a Brgy. Kagawad but it does not mean that she is living a comfortable life. She is also a member of 4Psand their source of income is not enough to support the needs of their family especially all of her 5 children are still studying and 2 of these 5 are college students at that time. As she described, it was never an easy life. Budgeting their small income for the education of her five children and other daily and monthly bills was hard given the fact that there’s no source of extra income for other and/or emergency expenses.  Most of the times, when financially broke they would have to borrow money from others with high interest rates to have food or sometimes they would buy whole corn and spend for the process for it to be cooked and be a substitute for their rice because the stores in Josefina do not allow credits.

Last October 8, 2018, after they underwent series of orientation and trainings, other social preparation activities, and processing of requirements in compliance to availing the program, their 470,000 SCF grant fromSustainable Livelihood Program finally arrived. They are a duly organized association named Gumahan SLPA composed of 47 members.Gumahan SLPA’s major enterpriseon Rice Buy and Sell located Brgy. Gumahan, Josefina. They started their business operations last December 14, 2018. They were very glad to have received such blessing because they no longer have to worry where they could borrow money to buy rice because they are allowed to get 1 sack of rice and pay after 1 month as part of their association agreement and their benefits as members.

“Nakatabanggyudsamgataongmgananginahanglan, dililangsaamoamgamiyembroperopati pod among mgasilingannakabenepisyoniini kay kami raangga offer og 1 month to pay nabugas.”

After their first year of operations, for their first year anniversary, it was really a celebration because the SLPA was able to generate a total net income amounting to 331,600.50and was profit shared among the members. Through their handworks, effort given, perseverance and team work this was made possible.  As of September 2020, their total net income is amounting to 115, 141 pesos deposited in their savings account with cash on hand amounting to 105,632 pesos.

Ate Ailen is designated as SLPA’s Cashier and store attendant for their Bigasan Enterprise. She shared how difficult the task given to her during the first few months of operations, having to handle financial transactions, and other records of their enterprise was a big adjustment for her. Making sure everything is organized and kept well for she knows everything is important. She said her task taught her the importance of transparency and honesty in running an enterprise and keeping the trust given to her by the association.It is a constant collaboration with all the elected officers who really functions as to their designated roles and tasks. She believes that being committed is the key.

AteAilen also shared how the program helped her in in providing for her family through the monthly honorarium she receives amounting to 3,000 per month.  One of her children already graduated in college and she said being part of the SLPA is a big contribution in providing the needs of her children. She is very thankful and grateful for the once in a lifetime opportunity that was given to them.

“Nakatabangpahumansaakong college student, nakahatagog extra income kanamoognakabenepisyopud among komyunidad..” Ate Ailen saidsaid.

Ate Ailen also expressed that this program did not just helpthem with regards to financial aspect but also to other aspects in life. Ailen and other SLPA officers shared their good practices, its being patient, humble, honest, commitment to work and respecting each other are their ways to having a harmonious relationship and successful business.

“Dakong pasalamat gikan namong tanan para sa DSWD – SLP sa opportunity and chance na gihatag kanamo. Amoang buhaton among best para mapadayun ang livelihood project na gihatag hantud sa hantud..”

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