Life is like a wide open sea where everyone has their own battle of wave to compete with. Anna is one of the wanderers who are determined to never embrace inconvenience and difficulties of life.


Anna Rose was originally from Negros Occidental, circumstances forced her to put an end to her education in high school when her family became financially incapable of supporting her needs. Since their only livelihood is farming and due to the increasing demands of their family’s daily needs, she needed to get a job. She tried her luck in Manila as a helper in a Filipino-Chinese family. She was lucky to encounter a decent employer whom she served for 11 years, from 1995-2006.


While working hard at her job, Anna met Felix who later became her better half. Felix Sonor is a native from Brgy. Balakan, Salug, Zamboanga Del Norte who has the same reason with Ana that they’ve end up in Manila. He worked different kinds of job such as grocery-warehouse errand, noodle maker, assistant baker and eventually end up as a factory worker in Industrialized Metropolitan.


In 2006, Anna Rose and Felix decided to settle and build their own family. They lived in the interior elevated barangay Balakan by the mountain of Salug Municipality, Zamboanga Del Norte. Even though they did not have their own house to live in, Felix’s brother offered a temporary simple room for them to stay. It was not really the “conducive” type of space, it didn’t have a decent kitchen, but they made do, as long as they had clean utensils.

The couple were not employed at that time which made Felix decide to drive a “habal-habal” to be able to cover for their primary needs. He earns P400.00-800.00 pesos a day, but it wasn’t healthy because he had to work till dawn and did not get enough of sleep.


On the other hand, Anna Rose helped by selling fuel in bottles. She borrowed 1,500.00 from her parents to be able to do this. This was a good idea since there were a lot of habal-habal in the area and it was convenient for the drivers to buy from her rather than travel farther to get their tanks filled up.


maningkamot dyud og lihok para mabuhi ug makakaon, bisan ug bag ong panganak mubangon jud para naay income”.


At one point, they saw an opportunity to own their own lot, which had a lot of coconut trees they could make money from. But they did not have the amount to be able to pay for their down payment for the lease, which was only 6,000.00. this was a nig blow to the family’s chance for an improved life.


In 2011, when Anna Rose became a beneficiary of Pantawid Pilipino Pamilya Program she hoped that it will be their access towards a better tomorrow. She did not disappoint herself; she later on became a part of Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP). She is now a member of Balakan Farmer SEA-K Association of which she received a financial assistance amounting to Php5,000.00 under Seed Capital Farm modality of SLP. She used this to augment capital for her sari-sari store. She gave her all and managed to survive. She also tried selling different products such as stir fried banana which is salable to students since they are positioned in front of the elementary school. It went well as a supplementary income to their business which is also a venue for them to some more open possibilities, income generation, and investments.


Wala mi naghired ug motabang namo sa pagbantay sa tindahan or sa pagluto sa saging kon dili kaugalingong paningkamot ra”.



Felix and Anna’s two lovely children are now in Grade 5 and Grade 1 living healthy and energetic. They now live in a comfortable house, it has a roof made of galvanized iron, wood and bamboo walls, that according to them is comfortable to live in.


Okay na dyud ang among pamuyo og tuluganan kaysa sauna.” Said Anna.


They were able to acquire more than 5 properties in the different areas of Salug, Godod and Liloy municipality.


Instead of driving habal-habal, Felix now drives a multi-cab as for their delivery services of copras, rubber and even as a transport for passengers. They now own a house and lot which they acquired through installment basis; they also utilize it as warehouse for their firewood business. They already invested in some financial institutions for their savings and micro financial activities. In fact, she also set up small lending for farmers in need as stimulant and other useful item for their farm. She offered P5,000pesos to the farmers and in return after harvest with 40 kilos of rice as interest after harvest. They can procure for a bigger purchase for their sari-sari store, able to buy appliances and capable of buying necessary things that they were not able to acquire before. Truly, Anna and Felix reaped what they have sewn.


Sana mapadayon pa dyud ang programa para ang uban pud  nga tawo sama nako sauna matagaan ug higayon nga makatabang pud sa ilaha nga gamiton pud sa maayo ang kwarta para dili mawala ug mulambo. Gusto unta ko nga sa mga tawo nga sama nako sauna ila pod masulayan ang akong naagian karon para pod sila maningkamot sa paglambo. Nagpasalamat ko sa DSWD, sa programa sa 4Ps, og Sustainable Livelihood Program, sa ilahang gihatag kay dako kaayo ug katabang sa among kinabuhi.” Said Anna gratefully.

At the moment, Anna Rose and Felix continue to help other people who are in need. Through their experiences in the past, they want to alleviate other people’s lives through their assistance so they can be able to stand on their own too. Just like them, today.