“Bata palang ko, gusto na nako magtrabaho sa hotel. Poreso gusto nako magtake og HRM.” Said Genefer.

The eldest sibling in the family, Genefer G. Parsaban, 19 grew up in Tugbungan, Zamboanga City. Genefer’s mother, Nelsin G. Parsaban, 45 is a bonafide resident of Brgy Limonan, San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur who transferred to Zamboanga City when she got married to her husband, Jerry G. Parsaban, 45.

Money to pay for the expenses for their family’s daily needs is hard to produce, since Genefer’s father only earns at least 300 pesos a day as a pedicab driver, while her mother earns only 100 pesos per day as an assistant in a carenderia in their barangay. Gratefully, her parents are able to pay for their food, electricity and water. However, there were also days when they could not afford for their necessities. Genefer grew up used to their situation, but she promised to herself that one day she will be able to help her family.

“Ang lisod kaayo kanang pamasahe, usahay moabsent nalang ko kay walay kwarta. Usahay manghulam lang sa silingan.” Genefer sadly expressed.

This is their everyday scene since she was in elementary, up until she reached high school. She sometimes walks to school just to be able to attend her classes. Having no money was not a hindrance for her; she still manages to maintain good grades. Genefer is very determined to learn and earn her diploma. However, when she graduated in high school, she was not able to proceed to college. She stopped because of the insufficiency of money. She thought that if she will take the course that she is rooting for, which is Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her parents expressed anxiety that they might not be able to afford for her uniform and other requirements. Genefer do not want to be a burden to her parents, therefore, she willingly helped them and worked in her mother’s working place to be able to augment their money for their expenses.

After 2 years of working, her mother asked her to go for a vacation with her cousin in Brgy. Limonan. While she was away for a needed rest, her neighbour from Zamboanga called her.

“Gitawagan ko sa akong silingan nga naay libre nga training sa usa ka technical vocational school tungod sa DSWD. Wala ko nag duha duha, niuli dayon ko diri sa Zamboanga.”

Genefer didn’t let this opportunity pass. She submitted the necessary requirements as soon as she could. She did not wait for too long for the training, after her validation as a pantawid beneficiary, orientation was given right away the next day. There were 40 participants who underwent the training for Housekeeping National Certificate II in Global Technical School of Zamboanga.

“Daghan ko natun.an, kanang mag arrange sa bed, mag limpyo og CR. Dayon mag vacuum og washing. Ganahan jud ko.” Said Genefer happily.

After 25 days of capacitating Genefer with the skills, she was assisted by the Technical Vocational Institute (TVI) partner in applying at KCC-Zamboanga right after their graduation. Genefer is fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be trained for it is a guaranteed employment. It was incorporated in the Memorandum of Agreement between the DSWD and TVI partner institution as an understanding that they will ensure right after the training; the graduates of SLP skills training will land a job.

Genefer submitted the requirements needed and was instantly contacted for an interview. Thankfully, she was immediately absorbed by the company. It was a 6-month contract with the employer, and if they had a good performance, they may be subject for extension.

Genefer is now earning 296 pesos per day. You can now see her in the school supplies department as a saleslady in KCC, serving the clients with a happy heart. On her first salary, she proudly shared that she bought school shoes for her brother and sisters. Seeing them smile gives her the motivation to do more.

“Masaya ako kase matutulungan ko yung pamilya ko lalo na kung may kailangan sila.”

She is now able to help with the expenses of the family. Genefer is aiming to earn so she can continue her studies and attain her dream in life.

“Nagpapasalamat po ako ng lubos sa SLP at DSWD dahil hindi lahat makakaranas ng ganitong pagkakataon, swerte po talaga. Nagpapasalamat din ako sa pasensya ng trainor naming si Sir James. Salamat rin sa panginoon kase kung wala siya, wala tayo.” – Genefer