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WMSU holds summit for ESGP-PA grantees

Being one of the five State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) that are currently implementing ESGP-PA in Region IX, Western Mindanao State University conducted a 3-day summit for grantees held in Cecille’s Catering, Tumaga, Zamboanga City on January 29-31, 2016.

Some 217 ESGP-PA grantees had the chance to join the summit after the successful conduct of its 1st batch held December last year.

Mrs. Bernadita Bacang, WMSU ESGP-PA Coordinator said that the activity basically aims to provide them with learning experiences, to build teamwork and enhance camaraderie among other participants while improving their leadership potentials. The activity also served as venue to inspire the attendees with positive stories on program gains through testimonial sharing.

The summit provided the participants with inputs and workshops on leadership, team building activities and Psychological Testing facilitated by its University Guidance Counselling Center. A city tour was also arranged for all with an opportunity to appreciate Zamboanga City as the host venue for the event. Summit participants came from the different External Studies Unit of WMSU around the region.

Mrs. Bacang also added that it is an opportunity for them to personally meet all grantees together in one activity aiding them to become empowered students through consistent guidance and intervention. Last 2015, the coordinators through its ESU conducted close monitoring of students to include activities such as boarding house visits and counselling. They also assisted students through conduct of review classes for those who are Non-CET passers.

To date, the university has 621 ESGPPA grantees covering main campus and ESUs. While region IX has a total of 2,078 ESGPPA grantees coming from the five accredited SUCs of Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College, Zamboanga City State of Marine Sciences and Technology, J.H Cerilles Memorial College in Pagadian City, Jose Rizal Memorial State University in Dipolog City and Western Mindanao State University.

ESGP-PA aims to contribute to the National Government’s thrust in effectively addressing poverty alleviation by increasing the number of graduates in higher education among poor households and to get these graduates employed in high-value added occupations in order to lift their families out of poverty and contribute to national development. Region IX is expected to have 214 graduates this year.

The event is anchored on the theme: “Trekking the Road to Success: Education, the needed gear”.

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DSWD gears up from steerer to leader builder

In the Regional Management Development Conference called by the department’s new Field Office IX Regional Director, Atty. Araceli F. Solamillo on Feruary 3-4, it was emphasized that the department mandates its workforce to be the leader builder as presented by the agency’s executive committee members during the national conference.

This initiative forms part of the effort to empower its partner Local Government Units through devolving duties in the delivery of basic social services based on the agency’s corporate plan for the year.

This further explains that DSWD’s role shall shift from leading the implementation of programs and services to building up partners who shall eventually become independent and dependable implementers of social protection programs themselves.

The agency recognizes this way of thinking as a huge contribution in ensuring that they are on the right path towards attaining our long term directions which is to become the world’s standard for the delivery of coordinated social services by year 2040.

Specifically, part of this effort is to functionalize its social welfare counterparts across the region through providing various technical assistance and conducting capacity building activities. This will better enable development workers, especially in rural areas, to efficiently deliver government programs and services to the poor and disadvantaged Filipinos.

Alongside with ensuring efficient and effective implementation of social protection programs, is the result of the second round of household assessment wherein initially there are 393,320 identified poor in the region out of the 687,429 number of households that have been subjected to assessment. The number of the identified poor may still change after the completion of the validation activity.

DSWD through its Household Targeting System which is Listahanan is set to launch the updated database of poor in the first quarter of the year.

Aside from the household assessment, the DSWD also administered a separate assessment of the Pantawid beneficiaries to determine their current level of well-being after benefitting not only from Pantawid but to include the other core poverty reduction programs like Kalahi-CIDSS and Sustainable Livelihood Program.

The result generated from the assessment will help the department in planning out interventions that will particularly address the identified gaps in those beneficiaries that have not moved from the survival level.

In anticipation of change of leadership this year, DSWD hopes to continuously build and develop sustainable and resilient communities and as well as responsive counterparts with enhanced capacity and capability to adapt and respond to social and economic vulnerabilities, disasters, climate change as well as emerging threats, and challenges in the society.###




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DSWD IX reaps national award

20160127 BEST MAT

In celebration of its 65th Anniversary, the Department of Social Welfare and Development recognized DSWD Field Office IX’s Municipal Action Team of Tigbao from Zamboanga Del Sur for its Best Convergence Initiative on Case Management-Group Intervention Planning.

The recognition was awarded during the Praise and Loyalty awards held last January 27, 2016 in DSWD Central Office. Likewise, the Best Municipal Action Team award was also given to Tigbao MAT as implementers of the initiative. The team was composed of 18 members represented by Municipal Links, SWAs and Municipal Roving Bookkeepers of Pantawid Pamilya; Project Development Officers of Sustainable Livelihood Program; Community Facilitator, CFAs of MCCT-IP and Area Coordinators, CFFs of KC-NCDDP.

The Municipality of Tigbao is the 26th municipality of Zamboanga del Sur comprised of 18 barangays taken and separated from its mother municipality of Dumalinao. It currently holds 1,844 Pantawid Pamilya Households.

The implementation of Group Intervention Planning (GIP) is one of the convergence strategies that ensure right beneficiaries with the right interventions to address the felt need.  It is a community based-approach planning process with local officials and with the direct Pantawid beneficiaries that aimed at matching the needs and the demand for interventions based on the identified gaps in the Social Welfare and Development Indicators (SWDI) to ensure improvement of level of well-being.

The initiative was implemented in full swing on the 1st quarter of 2015. The initial step undertaken was the presentation SWI Gaps during Barangay Sessions in the presence of the MIAC members, Civil Society Organizations and other Stakeholders. The MAT utilizes the Family Development Session (FDS) as strategic venue for the implementation of GIP. Harmonizing results were discussed during the Group Intervention Planning where internal and local resources are tapped to address the gaps.

Some interventions facilitated were: Parent Leaders training on Organic Farming; Communal Babuyang Walang Amoy for the Pantawid beneficiaries who availed the Sustainable Livelihood Program among 22 SKAs in 8 barangays of Tigbao; Communal Gardening in 18 Barangays; Provision of DOLE’s starter kits for Dress Making and among others.

The creation of MAT is DSWD’s internal convergence approach to maximize and harmonize efforts of field workers towards concentrating interventions in aiding Pantawid Pamilya Beneficiaries achieve an improved level of well-being.

Meanwhile, the PRAISE awards is an annual awarding ceremony conducted in celebration of its anniversary to recognize the hardworking men and women who have painstakingly poured out efforts and have greatly contributed in the agency’s thrust.

DSWD anniversary is celebrated every month of January and usually filled with series of recognition activities, product exhibits and events. This year is anchored on the theme: “DSWD at 65: Mga Kwentong Tagumpay Tungo sa Masaganang Pagbabago”.

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Validation of list of poor concluded

January 29, 2016 – After months of receiving complaints, validating and verifying the initial list of poor that was released by the Listahanan project, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has concluded the validation activity aimed at securing that the database of poor households in the country will be as accurate and as reliable as possible.

A total of 186,748 complaints from the entire Zamboanga Peninsula region were received by the Listahanan field workers within two months of validation period. 87,200 of which complain that they were assessed by the Listahanan however were not listed as poor; 43,776 say that they were not visited during the regular assessment period; while 52,861 had corrections in their household information; 1,635 complained that certain households should not be included in the list and 1,276 falls under other types of complaints.

Regional Focal Person, Hasan B. Alfad, emphasized in an interview that the Listahanan, however, is not yet allowed to share this initial list of poor to stakeholders as results may still change after the validation. This statement is reiterated after receiving reports from the field workers that some officials in the municipal and/or barangay level want to secure a copy of the initial list of poor.

“Final list of poor will be launched within the first quarter of the year, then data-sharing to partners will follow.” Alfad added.

DSWD-IX Regional Information Technology Officer, Salman D. Digandang monitors validation activity in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay and 2 other provinces in the region.

DSWD-IX Regional Information Technology Officer, Salman D. Digandang monitors validation activity in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay and 2 other provinces in the region.

Once a final database of poor becomes readily available, this will be shared with stakeholders such as the national government agencies, local government units, NGOs, academe and others that provide social protective services. This will become significant for a transparent targeting of beneficiaries of social protective programs.

The DSWD encourages its stakeholders to coordinate with the National Household Targeting Unit (NHTU) for the data-sharing processes.

Currently, the NHTU is consolidating all terminal reports on the validation phase submitted by the field workers for submission to central office.

The Listahanan is glad for the cooperation showed by the respondents  and support given by the various key stakeholders such as the media and LGUs during the validation activity to help generate an accurate database of poor in the region.###

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DSWD denies involvement of Zambo evacuees in alleged prostitution in transitory sites

Following the report of a TV news network that prostitution is rampant in one of the transitory sites for evacuees of the Zamboanga  siege, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) clarified that there were reported cases in 2014 and in November 2015 but these did not involve women or minor-evacuees now residing at the area.

Mampang 1 Transitory Site Camp Manager Juila Jailani said that the incidents did not involve evacuees but sex workers who were outside the community.

This was affirmed by Socorro Rojas, City Social Welfare and Development Officer (CSWDO), who said that they were able to interview the women involved in the alleged prostitution case.

“They admitted that they are not evacuees from the siege but are outsiders who entered the transitory site,” Rojas related.

Rojas said  that the entry of these sex workers at the site remains a challenge since wedding celebrations are opportunities for them to get inside the area.

However, the LGU is currently implementing the ‘No pass, no entry’ policy, wherein individuals who intend to visit transitory sites should secure first ‘passes’ from the CSWDO before entering.

Rojas added that camp managers, humanitarian partners, and parent leaders under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program have also been instructed and encouraged to monitor the people visiting their places.

Rojas further said that the LGU continues to conduct investigation regarding the issue.

It can be recalled that DSWD funded the construction of bunkhouses and recovery shelters for 2,430 family-evacuees of the Zamboanga seige worth P143,484,113.78

The management of the bunkhouses and transitory sites was turned over to the LGU in April 2015.###

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Reported prostitution in transitory site is an old case –DSWD

The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office IX negates that there are cases of prostitution among minor IDPs in one of the transitory sites.

Mampang 1 Transitory Site Camp Manager Juila Jailani clarified that there’s no such case among minor IDPs in the said recovery shelter.

“Yung case ng prostitution nung 2014 pa yan. Wala na yan ngayon. Hindi din namin alam bakit nabuksan pa yung balitang yan.” Jailani stated.

The camp manager also added that the 2014 case had not even involved minor IDPs, and the reported sex workers came from the outside community.

DSWD through its Disaster Management Focal Rosalie Casinillo also refuted that the minor IDPs needed to earn something for their schooling that is why they resorted to postitution.

Casinillo said that the DSWD had provided educational assistance to high school and college students inside the transitory shelter.

“We have provided the high school students with 1,500 and P2,000 for college students to aid them in their school materials and other academic requirements since 2014.” Casinillo said.

As of the date, the department has disbursed a total of 8,199,830.00 benefitted by 4,822 student IDPs in Zamboanga City.###


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DSWD marks 65 years of changing lives

The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office is celebrating its 65th founding anniversary starting January 18 to 22, 2016.

Anchored on this year’s theme, ‘DSWD @65:Mga Kwentong Tagumpay Tungo sa Masaganang Pagbabago’, the activity aims to celebrate the positive changes and progress in the lives of its partner beneficiaries. With this, the department wishes to honor its workforce for its contribution in the accomplishments of the concluded year.

“It is a pleasure on our part to give credit to the people who have performed excellently or more than what is expected of them. The internal workforce who showed what it meant to serve beyond the call of duty, they all deserve recognition.” Asst. Regional Director for Administration Riduan Hadjimuddin said in a statement.

The said recognition will happen on January 22, 2016 as part of the culmination activity. Aside from this, the institution hopes to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie among the workers through the annual sports fest.

“This has been the tradition of the department. We organize sports event, games, just to give our employees the opportunity to have fun amidst the deliverables.”  Hadjimuddin added.

Also, part of the week-long celebration is the booth display which showcases various delicacies and products of the Sustainable Livelihood Program beneficiaries and as well as the handicrafts made by the People with Disability under the custody of Area Vocational Rehabilitation Center (AVRC).

The product display hopes to promote home /handmade products of its own clients and beneficiaries which forms part of the agency’s mission to help these people improve their social condition through entrepreneurship.

“This is really the perfect time to showcase our clients’ products. We don’t just want them to earn from their chosen livelihood, but we also want them to be exposed so they’ll have the opportunity to be recognized as promising entrepreneurs.” Elizabeth Saavedra said, Regional Program Coordinator of SLP.

The department invites its media partners to visit and join them in the week-long celebration.

Schedule of Activities:

SLP/Livelihood Booth-Product Exhibit January 18-22, 2016

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

DSWD FO IX Grounds
Hataw & Boodle Fight January 19, 2016

5:00 AM

Paseo del Mar
Motorcade, Sports Fest Opening Program January 19, 2016

8:00 AM

Tebby & Sean’s Sports Complex
Culminating Activity

–          PRAISE Awarding Ceremony

–          Tribute for RD Arevalo (Retiring effective Jan. 28, 2016)

–          Fellowship Night 7 Search for Mr & Ms. DSWD 2016


January 22, 2016

5:00 PM


Hotel (TBA)

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Roel Corda

Roel Corda doing his daily job.

Roel Corda and his wife live a harmonious life in the humble barangay of Pianon in the municipality of Kalawit, Zamboanga del Norte. Surely they had a fair share of struggles in life as individuals. But together, they share a promise hope and love that poverty can never shatter.

Amidst the financial difficulties that the couple faces being in a far-flung barangay, Roel finally decided to tie the knot with his wife back in 2005. He was positive that with his skills, he can support the family that he was building. Regardless of the small income that they get from farming, the newly wedded couple managed to live a pretty decent life.

In the year 2006, the couple was blessed with their first child. To Roel and his wife, nothing can be sweeter than seeing their child grow beautifully and conveniently. As most of the parents do, they started to dream for their child. They dreamt of things that they wish to provide for their child such as good education, abundant dining and convenient life per se.

But Roel could hardly earn enough from farming and his wife would only earn a minimum wage of P150.00 per day as a job-order employee in the municipal office. The couple knew that they needed to strive harder to support the family’s growing needs.

Believers that they are, the couple sought strength from The One above praying that they surpass each day without losing grip from their faith and hope.

In 2008, a field worker from the DSWD walked in and assessed their household. The worker said that the assessment was for the Listahanan, then known as the National Household Targeting System for Poverty-Reduction (NHTS-PR). Roel and his wife thought that it was such a hard work for the field worker to go and visit their place since barangay Pianon is a mountainous area with rough roads and accessible only through habal-habal as means of transportation from the municipality proper. The couple graciously welcomed the field worker to their humble abode.

Next thing they knew, they were identified as one of the needy households and became one of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program beneficiaries. The family then began to receive financial aid from the program that helps provide the needs of a family in terms of education and health.

As a grantee of the program, his wife also availed the Seed Capital Fund from the Sustainable Livelihood Program. Since she has the ability in managing a business, she started a small sari-sari store in her house just to have an additional income for the family. With her dedication and perseverance, they are now getting an income not less than P6,000.00 a month. Roel, on the other hand, was recently hired as a road maintenance of DPWH under the Trabahong Lansangan. The family now has an income not less than P15,000 a month.

They say that when you have less, you make the most out of what you have regardless how little it is. This is emphasized in the situation of the Corda’s child who excels academically. The kid knows that they do not have much and so she has to make sure that the grants from the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program intended for education is worthily spent.

Aside from the increase in their monthly income, they were awarded as 2ND placer in HUWARANG PAMILYA conducted last July 2015 at SWADT Office, Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte. The award recognizes the families who demonstrated outstanding compliance to the conditionality of the program, who exemplified positive Filipino values in the community and good upbringing.

Being one of the households identified to be the part of the program, the family is grateful to avail the programs, services and opportunities intended for the Pantawid Beneficiaries.

Roel did not finish high school but he proved that insufficiency in education does not hinder one towards achieving a higher level of well-being, a character which is worth replicated. ###RANELIO REGANON/YURI CHOI,DSWD

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