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Oh My, Humay! (A Pantawid PaMEALya Story)

Nothing is more precious than seeing the delightedly bright smiles in the faces of your loved ones. To know that the people you cherish are happy is the sweetest thing of all. That is how Evanjelyn feels whenever she sees her children as they share a meal as one happy family.

But her happiness sometimes becomes short-lived because she knows that she cannot provide everything to her children. In most cases, she could hardly provide for their daily consumption even for food. This breaks the heart of poor Evanjelyn.

Evanjelyn T. Del Rosario, or Bangge as she is fondly called, is a 40-year old housewife living in a humble abode in Barangay Tapian, Municipality of San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur. She and her husband are blessed with six (6) wonderful children that bring joy to their household. Despite the adversities in life, the couple maintains a healthy relationship, sharing abundant love and respect for one another.

Surviving in a poor and unfortunate situation has always been the life of the couple. They are used to being poor and having less as they say. But now that they already have children to provide for is a completely different story. Of course, as parents, they would dream of putting their children in a good school, provide what their children need and want, and secure delicious food for their family. But how could they?

Her husband is a farmer in a land that they do not own. This is where they get their daily consumption and income to support the expenses in school and at home. Being a corn farmer is not a lucrative job so most of the time, what they get from farming is what they serve on their plates.

Unlike many of us who live in an urban community, Del Rosario family eats ground corn in substitute for rice. Though grateful, it is inevitable that their children would sometimes ask about why they eat corn instead of rice.

“Moreklamo man gud sila panalagsa kay hait daw itulon ang mais (Sometimes they would complain because corn feels itchy and can be difficult to swallow),” said Evanjelyn when asked about how her children described their meal.

It brought her tears to know that they cannot sufficiently provide for their children’s physiological needs.

Just when she started to think about it, a good news came to her through an orientation by the DSWD’s Municipal Link in San Miguel. They were oriented on the additional provision of Rice Subsidy to compliant Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino beneficiaries worth P600 per month.

She was elated and became more than ecstatic after hearing the news. To her, it was an answered prayer which made her feel that God listens and works through people who show compassion and care to the needy.

In an interview, Evanjelyn was asked how she manages their consumption since P600 or equivalent to a half sack of rice seems not enough to feed an entire family in a month. She shares that sometimes they mix rice with ground corn to make a satisfying meal for their family.

Evanjelyn recalls the first time she prepared cooked rice for her children and cannot forget how their reaction was.

“Ay, humay! Salamat Mang! (Oh, rice! Thanks Mom.)” And they hugged her tight.

Evanjelyn Del Rosario narrates how DSWD’s Rice Subsidy
significantly helped nurture her relationship with her children.

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“Un Nana, un Mujer, un Lider” (Mother, Woman, Leader)

Commitment was one thing she was afraid of, but commitment is also the main reason why she is a public servant.

At a very young age, Kirsten Gabriel experienced the hardships of life. She struggled keeping herself sane, her parents were not in a very good relationship; they fought every day. One day, they decided to get separated. This had a very bad impact on Kirsten. For a while, she stayed with her mother.

Kirsten, being a “rebellious” daughter, decided to try her luck living alone. She had to leave her mother and faced life on her own. Being a “jack-of-all-trades”, she applied for every job she could possibly encounter. She landed as a Dance Instructor (DI), and she did this for a long time. She was able to support herself even if this kind of job was not enough. Kirsten also joined dancing competitions to be able to earn more; she joined every contest she can in all barangays to be able to provide for her needs. Along the way, in her journey in life, she crossed paths with the man she fell in love with.

In their town in Pagadian, she met Junie, an employee at the local mining firm. They fell inlove with each other and later on had their own kids. They had 3 children, namely Dimple, 16; Glyce, 12; and Eloise, 5 years old. It was almost perfect, however; it was like what the saying goes, history repeats itself. Like what happened o her parents, Kirsten and Junie got separated, they came to a point where they cannot stand each other. Kirsten was busy to serve the multitude, while Junie became busy at work. He had bad vices such as drinking and gambling. Kirsten admits that she lacks time for Junie, but she was also determined to give her time serving the poor people who also need her help.

Kirsten needed to raise her children alone. To be able to support them, she did buy and sell.

“Kung ano yung puhunan ko kailangan ko ma buy and sell. Halimbawa yung palay, tapos kailangan mapagaling ko yun. Dayun ibenta ko yung mga bigas na sako sako sa mga bahay na umoorder. Isa yun sa negosyo ko. Dumaan din ako sa buy and sell ng alahas, ganun.”

In 2010, Kirsten qualified for Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) and became an active parent leader.

After several years, in 2014, one of the core programs of DSWD was introduced to Kirsten and the other members of 4Ps, the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP). SLP Project Development Officers, met with them to relay the good news about the additional assistance that will be given to them.

The program was thorough explained to them which lead in deciding whether they will be given aid individually or as a group. Each member had different choices. Some wanted individual funding, while others want to start an association.

As individuals, beneficiaries were given 5,000 pesos from the Seed Capital Fund grant. Kirsten used this money as a capital for her buy and sell business, involving jewelry and rice sales. She earns 5 to 10 thousand a month from her rice sales, depending on the market demand. She has a physical store in the market of Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte. Also, she earns not less than 10 thousand pesos from her jewelry sales.

“Ako ang magpapagaling kase mas profitable. 65% bigas, 35% tahup.” Kirsten said. As wise as she is, the “tahup” gathered from the rice that she brought to be milled, was what she used as payment for milling the rice. Therefore, this was a form of saving, because no money from her pocket was used.

Aside from receiving individual fund, she also joined a group which later became an association, which engaged on general merchandising. She became president of the association which she leads up to this day.

In the municipal level, she was also voted as president among all other presidents of the different associations under their municipality. The group agreed to collect 500 pesos from each of the members to make this as savings. The money was from the Cash Building Livelihood Asset grant. They also did general merchandise where they cater the farmers. They sell fertilizers, abono, and such.

At one time, PDOs from the provincial cluster invited the presidents from the different municipalities. PDOs presented their project proposal to the members that they believe will further improve their lifestyle. The proposal presented was the idea of the provincial coordinator.

The project proposal of a 3-storey microenterprise federation incorporated came to a reality. The soft opening was on September of 2015. This was BIR and SEC registered before it officially opened. Kirsten who was very transparent and having good intentions for the project was elected for the third time, and this time, as president of this project. She promised to herself that she will not let all the beneficiaries down who made this project possible.

Although other members supervised the operation of this building, Kirsten also looks after this herself. The association offers catering services, they have a sari-sari store, an area for skills training, as well as a dormitory for in-house beneficiaries. The members believe that this building is their hope especially more trainings were coming their way.

Eventually, the Technical Vocational Institutes became their partners. Skills training were held in SLPPMFI building. This meant this was a good opportunity for them, because the venue was paid for, as well as the food they served.

Being a public servant, especially a leader definitely eats up your time. Kirsten, being a mother, is always thankful that her children understands her passion for work,

“Sinasabi ko lang sakanila na lahat ng pagsisikap ko hindi lang naman yun para sa atin, para makakain tayo, kundi para din sa future nila. Kase alam ko naman na mangyayari sa darating na panahon, alam ko na pinaagi ba sa akoang leadership nako, paningkamutan nako na ang hinahawakan kong mga posisyon ay mapalambo ang mga federation building. Sinabi ko sa mga anak ko na intindihin niyo ako kung wala man ako dito palagi kase para sa future niyo ‘to.”

Kirsten was also very proud of her 2 elder chidren,

“Yung mga anak ko walang year na hindi mag 1st. Yung dalawa, naapektuhan man sila kase lumipat kame sa poblacion dahil nagpatayo ako ng bahay dun. Pero kahit na ganun ang nangyari lagi naman silang nasa top 10. Hindi parin ako nabigo kahit na hindi ko sila masyadong naaasikaso dahil nasa top 10 naman sila. Nag aaral talaga at nakikita din nila yung pagsisikap ko para kung ano yung pangangailangan nila maibigay ko talaga.”

 As in any situation, struggles are always present, just like in Kirsten’s group. Collecting dues from the members of the association wasn’t easy. As some of the members were hopeful, others were doubtful.

“Pinapaintindi ko sakanila na “Nag sasave tayo para sa future dahil time is gold, time is money. Maghintay lang tayo ng tamang panahon magkakapera tayo.”

 If Kirsten was a hero, she would be like “The Flash”. Whenever the barangay, municipality, or the provincial cluster needs her, she always rushes to their aid, wherever she is, and whatever she’s doing.

There were also times when she cannot sleep in her own bed. Due to the time required by her job, she often rents a room whenever it’s too late for her to travel home. She also uses the extra time to prepare for the next agenda rather than travelling home.

Being hired by the SLPPMFI, salary is based on how many clients they’ll have. She can truly say that there was a huge change in her life.

“Dati kase yung involvement ko sa public barangay level lang, ngayon kase malaki na ang pinasok naming negosyo. Malaki na talaga ang naitulong sakin ng DSWD, physically, emotionally, pagka empower ko, lahat lahat yun.”

She will never be afraid to commit herself to give her services to the poor people, especially in the grassroots level. She believes that her strong will to help improve their lives will surely help pull them out of the situation they are in right now.

“Nagpapasalamat ako na may ahensya na DSWD kase lahat ng Pilipino na mahihirap na tao tinutulunagn talaga nila, nakikita ko yun actual talaga dahil isa akong member for 8 years.”

“Sa lahat ng president na dumaan na hindi nila niwala ang pantawid, ang 4Ps isa din yun sa mga pinapasalamatan ko.”

“Kay sir Donato Savella kase concepto niya yun. Siya talaga ang nag initiate, siya ang nag encourage. At siya din ang nag advise na ganito ang mangyayari sa future. Maramiakong natutunan sakanya.

Kirsten also thanks the Almighty God, the PDOs, MLs, her children, and Association Presidents. Also, she is thankful to the people she serves, “Pasalamat pod ko sa katawhan kay kung wala sila hindi ako magiging ganito.”

Kirsten continues to inspire people who were deprived of having a good life, those who are fighting the struggles of life.

“Sa mga beneficiary gaano man tayo kahirap ngayon, kung nahihirapan sa ngayon wag sumuko. Hindi man ngayon ang time na aasenso tayo kailangan magsikap, magsikap talaga. Dagdagan at habaan pa yung pasensya tungkol sa pagsisikap kase hindi tayo  magsikap para sa sarili natin walang mangayayri. Hindi natin maibibigay kung ano yug dapat obligasyon natin para sa anak natin at pamilya. Aya kailangan talaga ng pasisikap isa yun ata saka wag na wag silang mawalan ng pagasa. Dahil habang buhay ang tao may pagasa. At wag kalimutang magdasal sa Diyos. Bago ang lahat ng gawain sa lahat ng oras sa lahat ng araw bago matulog at paggising sa umaga magdasal talaga dahil wala ng ibang mas powerful pa kundi ang diyos. Lahat ng dasal ibibigay niya yan pero may mga rason na hindi man niya ibigay sa ngayon, sa darating na panahon ibibigay niya sa tamang panahon. Kaya huwag mawalan ng pag asa sa mga mahihirap na bene dahil isa yun, andito din ako para sakanila.”


Kirsten is now living with her kids and her soon to be husband whom she met after 4 years of being single mom. They are now together for three years, hoping for a love to last.

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DSWD holds 1st Semester RGA, SWD forum in Dapitan

Some one hundred fifty employees of the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office IX attended the 1st Semester Regional General Assembly at Dakak Beach Resort, Dapitan City, Zamboanga Del Norte on June 6-8, 2017.

DSWD Regional Director Atty. Araceli F. Solamillo inspired all participants during her opening speech expressing her gratitude for coming as one together as family.  She said, “It is true that our desire is to provide our employees the best opportunities to improve work habits, increase productivity and develop capacity to engage in the call for “Maagap at Mapagkalingang Serbisyo”.

“Our high demand of work is needed to help those who are challenged by circumstances, and we as workers whose hands can make difference in the fulfilment of quality of life and well-being of our clients, need to be developed and be given with exposure such as this to boost high morale.” , she added.

Salient topics were discussed during the activity to include a talk on Personality Enhancement delivered by Institutional Development Division Chief, Carmencita Luna. The newly elected President of the Social Welfare Employees Association of the Philippines (SWEAP), Ma.Corazon Sumicad, presented the overview of the association and future plans for all members. A bingo social was hosted after the talk to provide opportunity among participants to promote solidarity and fellowship.

The RGA is conducted twice every year purposely to gather employees and provide updates on the current policies, and activities undertaken by the department in the region.

Meanwhile, Municipal and City Social Welfare Officers coming from the different municipalities and cities in Zamboanga Peninsula convened during the 1st Semester Social Welfare and Development Forum held on June 8-9, 2017 on the same venue.

The gathering is an opportunity for the participants to be abreast in the programs and services of DSWD and how can the activity serve as a dialogue between the regional management committee and the participants where concerns, suggestions and recommendations are raised to improve its delivery to the clients in the grassroots.

“It is therefore proven that our bond of commitment has become stronger. These have provided our Programs and Services with solid and resilient support from the ground and with that, we in the DSWD are grateful of your contributions as our allies in the delivery of programs and services. With pride and value, I am honoured to see your indefatigable support”, expressed Atty. Araceli F. Solamillo during her opening message


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DSWD inaugurates SWADT building in Dipolog City

“Finally, it is a dream come true” expressed Ms.Eva Avila, Social Welfare and Development team leader during the inauguration and thanksgiving ceremony of the newly constructed two-storey building held on June 10, 2017 at Sta. Isabel, Dipolog City.

DSWD Regional Director Atty. Araceli Solamillo led the formal ribbon-cutting ceremony together with Assistant Regional Director Consejo H. Usman and Dipolog City Councilor Atty. Roger Asprer, representing Mayor Darel Dexter T. Uy and Board Member/OIC-Governor of Zamboanga Del Norte Province, Hon.Romulo Soliva.

The 6.8 million worth building is situated in a lot owned by the City Government and was completed last February 28, 2017. The SWADT serves as the extension network of the DSWD down the grassroots to immediately respond not only for its regular programs and services but most especially during disaster operations.  It also serves as the Provincial Operations Office of Pantawid Pamilya and other promotive programs of department.

The SWAD team Dipolog covers municipalities of Rizal, Sibutad, Mutia, La Libertad, Pinan, Polanco, Sergio Osmena, Katipunan, Roxas, Manukan, Jose Dalman and Cities of Dipolog and Dapitan.

In her Inaugural speech, Atty. Araceli Solamillo underscored the DSWD goals highlighting the department’s core values being the lead agency in the delivery of social services and promotion of social protection programs. She said, “We always ensure that the services that are being delivered to our clients and implemented by our workers on the ground are in accordance to standards and with high sense of efficiency, transparency and integrity.”

“In this celebration, we promise to further improve our front line services and will be an epitome of an effective and trust-worthy government agency. These changes and improvements are testament of our desire to provide not only comforts of availing prompt assistance to our clients but also conducive working environment for our workers.”,  She added.

Present during the event are Municipal Action team leaders, Provincial Operations Office staff of Pantawid Pamilya, Sustainable Livelihood Program workers, Area Coordinating teams of KALAHI CIDDS, SWADT staff , Regional Management Committee and some National Government Agencies.

Other newly-constructed SWAD building in the provinces of Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga Del Sur are expected to finish and ready for occupancy by the end of 3rd Quarter this year.

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Filipino Centenarians in ZamPen receive cash incentives from DSWD

To honour Filipinos who have reached the age of 100 years old, DSWD Field Office IX has granted the cash incentive amounting to 100,000 to the twelve living centenarians in Region IX.

Social Pension Focal Person, Gloria Patayan in the presence of MSWDOs, led the pay-out last May 2017 to those centenarians validated in the 2016 list. Majority of the identified recipients came from Municipalities under Zamboanga Del Norte and Zamboanga Del Sur.  Six out of the twelve centenarians are men, while six are women respectively.

“We are grateful to be instruments of bringing these privileges to our Filipino Centenarians, which indeed they truly deserve. With pride, we value them with high respect for their contribution and for serving as inspiration to others.” Said DSWD Regional Director, Atty. Araceli F. Solamillo, CESO II

Apart from the 100, 000 cash incentives, the centenarians will also receive letter of Felicitation signed by the President. However, for those centenarians who died upon the effectively of the act shall receive Posthumous Plaque of Recognition given to the nearest surviving relative. The Local Government Units are also encouraged to provide incentives and plaque of recognition at their end.

Centenarians can be identified through community level where target beneficiaries shall be based on the existing database such as record of OSCA-issued senior citizens ID, Social Pension Beneficiaries, Listahanan, CBMS and other similar sources. Inventory of clients in Residential facilities both publicly and privately –run can also serve as identification meanwhile, for centenarians living abroad, the Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO) database can be used as basis as well.

The families of the recipients expressed gratitude in the government for providing the centenarians with privileges and for acknowledging their contribution in the society.

The centenarians were identified and validated after the RA10868 or the Centenarians Act of 2016 took effect.


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PAMANA-SLP implementers gathered for Women Economic Empowerment, Peace Development Forum

The Department of Social Welfare and Development-Field Office IX  hosted and convened various PAMANA-SLP implementers for a 3-day Forum on Women Economic Empowerment, Peace and Development in Mindanao held at Dakak Park and Beach Resort, Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte on June 14-16, 2017.


The said activity is a peace and livelihood forum among SLP-PAMANA’s program participants who are based in Mindanao. The activity aims to look at the specific dimensions of gender, peace and security, and cultural sensitivity in the scope of program implementation. The program participants showcased stories of change and employment opportunities brought by microenterprise development.



The activity also included site visits to PAMANA project areas in the Municipality of Salug, Zamboanga del Norte. These livelihood projects are women-led association and has significantly provided opportunities to most members in the community. The participants were provided an opportunity for dialogue, focus interviews and documentation of good stories and practices.


Attendees of this activity are coming from the different Field Offices of IX, X, XI, XII, CARAGA and ARMM.


PAMANA aims to strengthen resilience to conflict by improving the socio-economic capacity of the communities and families in the covered areas, through the development of the personal, social, entrepreneurial, and technical skills of the duly organized Sustainable Livelihood Program Associations (SLPA) composed of a group of potentially enterprising individuals within the community.


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Malangas enters LGU-Led KC-NCDDP

The Municipality of Malangas under the leadership of Honorable Mayor Marcelo M. Baquial Jr. recently launched the LGU-Led KC-NCDDP on July 13, 2017, making it the 12th partner-municipality to enter into MOA with the department after completed 3 cycles with Kalahi-CIDSS from 2012.
Witnessing the event are Municipal and Barangay Officials and Sangguniang Bayang Members together with the Kalahi-CIDSS RPC-Designate Roleiste Falsis and Sub-regional Project Coordinator Melanie M. Saragena.
The KC-NCDDP is one of the poverty reduction programs of DSWD that uses the community driven development (CDD) approach in implementing projects that aim to provide the community access to basic services. It is the expanded implementation of the previous program Kalahi-CIDSS. This enables the communities and the local government units in the said areas to implement disaster responsive or preventive projects that may include fast rehabilitation of destroyed infrastructures and livelihoods projects.
The chief executive believed that with the intervention of the national government through the DSWD, Malangas will realize its dream in no time. Thus he emphasized that it takes a concerted efforts from the grassroots, the community and the barangay leaders to participate in the implementation.
RPC-designate Falsis expressed his gratitude, in his words, “Malangas has become a venue of opportunities for Kalahi-CIDSS to implement, to impose Community-Driven Development program”, and encouraged Malangas to continue to provide opportunities on the grassroots level, to continue to give the community the chance to be empowered, to think about their issues and give them the chance to raise interventions on how to solve their problems. ### (JGA)

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Seas the Change

True to its promise, the Department of Social Welfare and Development in Region IX immensely embraced the core values of Maagap at Mapagkalingang Serbisyo through provision of extensive community based services to the poor Sama Bajau communities in Zamboanga City. Amid vulnerabilities for not having formal education and feeling of being underprivileged citizens in the communities, the DSWD has taken its way to open doors to capacitate the households and engage them in various activities that will strengthen not only of their trust in the government services but will also exposure to land based livelihood and cash for work activities. The birth of Comprehensive Program for Sama Bajau has improved not only their way of living but also the perception of people towards them. The importance and contribution they’ve started is a testament of their desire not only to wave their enriching culture and tribe but also a manifestation of pushing themselves to have an improved lives.

In the year 2014, The NCIP has registered 388 households and 1,923 indigent families purely Sama Bajau in Zamboanga City. Common livelihood were related to aqua marine activities such as fishing, agar-agar farming, sea shell collection along the shorelines of Sangali, Zamboanga City. It is in the Year 2014 when the Cash for Work project under the Comprehensive Program for Sama Bajaus was introduced in the community. With proper coordination with City Social Welfare Office, Barangay Local Government Unit, the program gained positive support where the implementation and provision of lot for the Communal Corn crop gardening were granted with authority and approval. Through the help and support of its Tribal Leader, the identification of eligible beneficiaries came very much easy for the project implementers to conduct community assemblies and orientation for the project implementation. The participation in the project was indeed a strong move in providing them another avenue to experience land based livelihood for their families. These will enable them to maximize their potentials to adapt their livelihood activities in the community where they resides amid being tagged as Sea Gypsies.

One hundred fifty one beneficiaries were involved in the Communal Corn Crop Gardening located in the adjacent lot near the Barangay Hall of Sangali. The 500sq meter was provided by Barangay Official of Sangali  for the beneficiares to engage into Agri-Farm technology. These beneficiaries were grouped into 10 with respective leaders to check the daily attendance of the participants.

A total of 339,960 compensated the 151 beneficiaries amounting to 2,250 pesos each for 15 days. This will enable them to augment their actual income and produce crops in time of harvest. True enough how the beneficiaries can truly benefit from the skills they have acquired and from the income they can earn from all their hard work and involvement in the project. The project has not only enriched the existing traditions they have but also it improved their relationships among members of the tribe. The empowerment process has given everyone an opportunity to capacitate themselves and contribute in the community.  The program itself embraced the compassionate care for the indigenous people whose lives were challenged by generations and has been vulnerable in the intergenerational cycle of their poverty experiences. Indeed their productivity has never been compromised amid contrast on their livelihood environment. Other interventions under the program were also given such as Livelihood and Educational Assistance covering 280 and 804 beneficiaries respectively.

With all of these, we can see how beneficiaries can be productive when given the right opportunities and interventions. The program will soon be replicated in areas where Sama-Bajau communities are many. Members of the households on the other hand can take part in the implementation as well. The future of each of everyone are indeed securely fastened by time, where everyone share common goals and aspirations together in development and when everyone “Seas the Change.”

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